Never Without Each Other

I actually have a couple of best friends, and they’re all very important to me. But I couldn’t say one of them is a lot better than everyone else.

I’ve always been that kind of girl who has quite a lot of friends but just a few of those are actually my close friends.


When I was in primary, there was this girl I had met when I was still in kindergarten. Her big sister was in the same class as my big brother so that’s how we met.
And she was my best friend and we did everything together and always had new ideas for games and things to do. We always sat together in class and worked together.
But then we got to secondary school and things changed. She went to a different school so I didn’t see her that often and she’d always worked more for school than me. We were both two really smart girls and when I got to secondary school, I stopped working that hard and became a bit lazy, but still had wonderful grades.
But at some point we stopped talking.

But that wasn’t too bad, because there was this girl in my class, and she was amazing. We sat together and got closer and became best friends. I don’t know why exactly she was my best friend, but I know that she was the best friend someone could ever ask for.
We still are very close friends, but we both have changed and we don’t always hang out with the same people, so we both now have different best friends.

Since I’m only 16, I doubt that any of these friendships are going to last forever.
But last year, I met this girl in my Spanish native class and we started talking. I have no idea how it happened but she became a very important person for me. She is now one of my very best friends and since she doesn’t go to my school, it’s always nice to see her and being able to talk about something else than the people at school. She really is a great person and through her I met some great and interesting people which I couldn’t have done without her, since she lives in the city and I live in the suburbs.

But there is only one person I could call my very best and most important friend! Her name is Zoe, and she really is the greatest person in my life!
First of all, we look a lot alike. So much, that even our moms mistake us for each other. We’re both quite short, have brown curly hair and we just have a lot in common.
But what is best about our friendship is that we can always rely on each other, no matter what. We can always go to each other’s houses, sleep over whenever we want to and we can tell each other everything and trust each other!
She’s the first person I miss (apart from my family) and the only person I talk to a lot during long holidays and travelling places.
She really is the greatest person that has ever entered my life and I hope she’ll never leave!
You could say she is the love of my life!


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