Who can we trust?

We all have that issue every once in a while. We all feel betrayed or let down sometimes. And then there’s this question every time: Who can I really trust? 


If you have siblings who love you and care about you, you can consider yourself lucky. 
If you have grandparents who are still alive and love you and care, you are very lucky.
And if you have parents who love you and care about you, you can consider yourself a very very lucky person.
But if you have all of these people in your life, you are extremely lucky, because not many people have that! 

And although these people love us, sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they hurt us unintentually or simply let us down. 

Friends are something important and real friends are something very special, but even our friends can disappoint us sometimes. 

And it hurts, it really hurts to feel rejected or simply unimportant to someone who means a lot to us. It feels shit to feel ignored by your own father, because suddenly his new girlfriend is so much more important! And what’s worse about this, is the fact that I only see him for a few weeks every couple of months. I’m only visiting him for a few weeks during my summer holidays, and all he’s been doing is going to work every morning, coming back late from work, have dinner while his attention is drawn to his iPad and then later after dropping his girlfriend off around the corner, stay over at her’s for hours! And if he’s not working, he’ll go over anyways, so he’s gone most of the day, basically ignoring me and only caring about her, while she lives around the corner and I live in a different country and I only visit him every few months! 
And now all I want to do is go home! I want to leave and eventually I’ll come back in 6-12 months, because I can’t stand him anymore! 
It’s the second time he’s doing this. I’m his daughter and if he really cared about me, why is he ignoring me? He doesn’t give a shit! 

But why do I complain about this so much? I have a mother who wants me to be happy and would everything to make me happy even now. She’s disappointed me as well, but there is no way of comparing this. 
That’s life and people disappoint us sometimes. 

We always question who we can trust, because sometimes that friend who we considered such a brilliant person, might tell someone about our dirty secrets, but before we point our fingers at those friends, we should point the finger at ourselves first, because sometimes we’re not that great friend we thought we were. Sometimes even we tell other’s secrets. But if not, then go point that finger at that bastard, let go or forgive them. I usually forgive people too fast, which is not always the best thing to do…! 

But if we have someone in our family who loves us and keeps our secrets or simply wants only the best for us, than we should make sure that we treat those people right, because those are the people we can trust! 

And some people might have a very dysfunctional family, and if you’re one of those and you have a wonderful friend, someone who always sticks by your side and is always there for you, make sure they stay in your life, keep them close and treat them right. They might let you down once, but that might have to do with themselves and not you. Because just like they’re there for you, be there for them! Because those are the people you can trust! 



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